Welcome to the South Brooklyn Network

Welcome to the South Brooklyn Network

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From Carroll Gardens to Staten Island, “Friends and Romans” tells a mob story

When I first moved to Carroll Gardens in the early 1990's, it was considered one of the stomping grounds of the Gotti family. Social clubs dotted the area. Funeral homes bearing names that ended in vowels staged elaborate processions with coffins on horse-drawn carriages.

NY 1's Dean Meminger takes a selfie with David Dinkins, Cheryl Wills, Michelle Yu, Susan Lucci, and Tim Morehouse at Sportsball 2015.

Sports Ball 2015 is a unique gala for The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health. Each year, the event brings together some of the biggest names in arts, health care, entertainment, and sports to raise money and continue the legacy begun by Arthur Ashe.