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Liza Phillips leaves the start house building on the Rocket trail at Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire on January 28, 2021.

A New Hampshire Fairy Land

Needing a break from the four walls closing in? How about heading out to a fairyland ice castle in the middle of a New Hampshire Farm. Talk about transporting to another world in the fresh, wide-open spaces of North Woodstock. You expect to see the Elves from Lord of the Rings.

Mark D Phillips' 20 of 2020 photographs of the year

The 20 Photographs of 2020

Mark D Phillips twenty favorite images of 2020, a year like no other.​ What do you photograph while you Shelter in Place? The images are different from the past, not a single sports photo made the cut, and nature played a heavy hand.

Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction with the Chapel at Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT.

Jupiter and Saturn rule the sky

Sky lovers, rejoice! This holiday season, the heavens have bestowed an extraordinary gift: the two largest planets in our solar system – Jupiter and Saturn – have come within kissing distance for the first time since the Middle Ages, forming what looks like a bright, double star. This rare and […]

40 Years of Love: The Empire Strikes Back

It is my favorite Star Wars movie and what a gift we got for the 40th Anniversary. Containing never-before-seen on-set footage and outtakes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the rare behind-the-scenes moments captured by the film’s documentary crew are an amazing look back for those of us who loved this movie.

A Hole in the Sky in South America

2020’s only Total Solar Eclipse left its Hole in the Sky above the Southern Hemisphere on December 15, 2020. The total solar eclipse, which lasted just over two minutes, was visible from the northern Patagonia region of Argentina and from Araucania in Chile. A partial solar eclipse was visible in […]

ANC leader Nelson Mandela (R) meets with New York Mayor David Dinkins 14 July 1992 at Gracie Mansion in New York City. AFP photo/Mark D Phillips

David Dinkins Tribute

The first time I met David Dinkins, he was the mayor of New York City and I was a 30-year-old photographer sent by the Associated Press to photograph some forgotten event in City Hall in 1989. I looked for the image, but it is long lost. But that first meeting stayed with me for the last 30 years. His charm and warmth toward me was a nice feeling.