The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s board of directors, at its meeting on March 17, elected two new board members: Dee Poku-Spalding and Jay Mann.

Dee Poku-Spalding is an entrepreneur, women’s advocate and community builder born in the UK and raised between London and Accra; while Jay Mann is a longtime resident of New York City who has spent his last eight years at Citigroup and the 12 previous years at Goldman Sachs.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy elects two new board members



These Projects Could Win Brad Lander’s Participatory Budget Money

Bike lanes, a new “skate garden” or local concerts are among the ideas for $1.5 million up for grabs this year. A vote will start next week.

Projects on the ballot for the roughly $1.5 million in Council Member Brad Lander’s Participatory Budget were unveiled on Thursday, a little more than a week before neighbors in District 39 will be asked to cast their vote.

This year, six proposals in District 39 are up for the $1.5 million capital project funding, which goes to large-scale physical improvements, and nine suggestions are on the ballot for $50,000 of expense funding, or money for smaller programs or services.

Voting will be held April 5 through 14 on the PB39 website.



The newest Staten Island Ferry boat is named for Dorothy Day. Ms. Day was born in Brooklyn Heights in 1897, but her father, a journalist, took a job in San Francisco in 1903. She lived much of her later life on Staten Island.



Gage & Tollner in Downtown Brooklyn Plans to Officially Reopen on April 15

After the pandemic suddenly halted the highly anticipated reopening of long-shuttered Gage & Tollner, the storied Downtown Brooklyn steakhouse has set a new opening date.

First reported by New York Magazine Thursday and confirmed in an Instagram post by the restaurant, the reopening is set for April 15.

Gage & Tollner in Downtown Brooklyn Plans to Officially Reopen on April 15

gage.and.tollner instagram post announcing opening on April 15, 2021.
gage.and.tollner instagram post announcing opening on April 15, 2021.


“Once upon a time, two noblemen crossed the Atlantic to find a vanquished but glorious Beast. As they sat imagining ways to breathe life back into its majestic form, their chariot was hit by a runaway steed. By way of apology, the horseman showed them to his castle filled with books, where, from the many stories found within, they created this one…”

Check out the new venture at 151 Atlantic Avenue, A Novel Kitchen, described by Time Out NY as “a whimsical new bookstore restaurant in Brooklyn Heights.”

You can view the menu here.



Two Trees Management unveiled its new master plan to create a Miami Beach oasis on the East River in Williamsbug. Wait, Williamsburg??

If the DUMBO developer gets its way, what was once a No. 6 fuel oil storage complex could soon become the No. 1 beach destination for bacteria-resistant New Yorkers.

Welcome To Williamsburg East River Miami Beach!