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ANC leader Nelson Mandela (R) meets with New York Mayor David Dinkins 14 July 1992 at Gracie Mansion in New York City. AFP photo/Mark D Phillips

David Dinkins Tribute

The first time I met David Dinkins, he was the mayor of New York City and I was a 30-year-old photographer sent by the Associated Press to photograph some forgotten event in City Hall in 1989. I looked for the image, but it is long lost. But that first meeting stayed with me for the last 30 years. His charm and warmth toward me was a nice feeling.

EPA begins dredging the Gowanus Canal in November 2020 by the Carroll Street Bridge. ©Mark D Phillips

Oil, Tar and more comes to the Surface

For the second time in 25 years, dredging is underway on Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal. Maybe this time it will work. Last time, it was a New York City project, it wasn’t the Environmental Protection Agency doing it under a Superfund cleanup. Of course there was a ceremony for the beginning […]

Art on the Stoop continues through November 8 at the Brooklyn Museum and will feature major works by contemporary artists

Art on the Stoop, Studio 54 launch Brooklyn Museum reopening

When you have one of the largest front stoops in Brooklyn, it makes sense to turn it into an outdoor performance location. The Brooklyn Museum hosts Art on the Stoop: Sunset Screenings, an outdoor exhibition of video art on its public plaza, every Wednesday through Sunday evening. And timed tickets are available for the indoor galleries.

Performing in the Age of COVID​

In the 18 weeks since we started this new reality, I have missed live music almost more than sports. When I heard that my friend Frank Manzi was going to play outdoors in the Berkshires, I decided to take a ride to see if it was going to work. And I can emphatically say that yes it did.