What a great story in today’s New York Post showing how time has created fascinating ruins that today’s technology can bring back to life.

Thanks Paula Froelich for this great look at history…..

Working with designers and architects and using CGI, BudgetDirect rebuilt seven of the most unique castles in Europe to show us what they looked like in their heyday.


Château Gaillard, Les Andelys, France

Built by Richard the Lionheart in the 12th century to defend his turf against Philip II of France, it was abandoned in the 16th century and later demolished by the French. But Château Gaillard is architecturally important as it “is an early example of the use of concentric fortification and machicolation in castle design. Machicolation refers to floor openings in battlements, through which defenders could drop boiling oil or rocks on their attackers. This concentric fortification was formed of three defensive baileys, one inside the other and each separated by dry moats.”

BudgetDirect rebuilds castle ruins using CGI

Watch the rest at https://nypost.com/2020/04/04/watch-these-fascinating-castle-ruins-being-rebuilt-using-cgi/


7 ruined castles across Europe, reconstructed by Budget Direct
7 ruined castles across Europe, reconstructed by Budget Direct