The South Brooklyn images of 2022 covered many topics. I’ve broken down our favorite images and stories into four categories – Gowanus Canal, Sports, Travel and Nature.

 As usual, the Gowanus Canal gave me another yearly portfolio of the ever changing landscape of Brooklyn’s Superfund waterway. It became a year of panoramas, a new technique that allows a bigger view in a unique perspective. They were meant for use along the canal, an industrial area now joining the virtual age.

As we came out of COVID, the banks of the Gowanus have nearly been wiped clean. The next decade will see the population explode as condos blossom where industry disappeared. 

The End of an Era, The Start of Something New: Covid-19 unleashed a dystopian opportunity for developers to change the landscape in the Gowanus neighborhood at a frightening pace. Many unique buildings and urban artscapes vanished in the silence of the pandemic.

Gowanus Canal 2022

Sports are still a huge part of my life and I find my ways to keep at it. I love shooting it and I love watching live sports. Skiing is a passion and it’s the best to be able to keep it in my life. Going to the 21st Maccabiah in Israel this summer was one of the highlights of my life. My daughter and her teammates on the USA Field Hockey team brought home the Gold Medal. Watching the thrill of victory for a group of women who were bonded not just by sports but also by their ties to Judaism was a special moment for all of us involved.

USA Field Hockey takes Gold in double overtime, shootout: The USA Field Hockey team defeated Argentina to bring home GOLD in a nail-biting, TWO overtime, 6-5 shootout victory at the 21st Maccabiah games in Israel.

New England Masters Ski Racing releases 2022-23 schedule: There are weekends throughout the region, including February’s joint race with Mid-Atlantic Masters at West Mountain, one of my favorites. It includes one of two Super-G races on the schedule, my daughter’s favorite race.

Sports 2022

Travel is back….. somewhat. They are still putting the fear of COVID out there but people have decided to travel again. This year took South Brooklyn to Israel and Holland.

Check out the images below and read our tow favorite travel stories from this year:

Three Days in Amsterdam: Finally, the world is opening back up. Traveling to Amsterdam for fun seemed impossible not that long ago. When given the opportunity to meet my best friend, Chuck Bigger, in our favorite city, I jumped onto the bandwagon.

The Dead Sea in Despair: Driving along Highway 90 in Israel, a desolate and fascinating landscape greeted me. Thirty years ago, I was beckoned by the salty waters of the mineral-rich Dead Sea, located at the lowest point on Earth. In July 2022, I returned to a starkly different place.

Travel 2022

I’m a big outdoors person and love to kayak so a lot of images come from the river and the nature around it. Sometimes the nature around it is the results of man’s involvement. I have to hope that nature is learning to deal with us. Maybe global warming is just the katra of the planet telling us to straighten up. 

I love snow and ice and use it as subjects often. Ice is like a living organism. It thrives, it weeps, it gets brittle, it breaks. Sounds almost human. It mimics and makes shapes that I know are random but just can’t be random. Nature just really likes to screw with our minds.

Oceans & Odysseys: Rachael Talibart solo exhibition at Sohn Gallery: Exploring the turbulence and grace of the sea, British artist Rachael Talibart’s “OCEANS & ODYSSEYS” solo exhibition at Sohn Gallery features serene and inquisitive seascapes, as well as works from her popular “Sirens” series.

INFINITE NIGHT, Photography by STAN HONDA: debuts at the Schaefer International Gallery on Maui featuring 25 of Honda’s dynamic night-sky photographs from seven national parks. “I call them night sky landscapes,” said Honda.

Nature 2022

Leaving the surly bonds of Earth: As a kid, I always assumed I would get to space in my lifetime. Well it doesn’t look that way unless I win one of the half a billion lotteries that didn’t exist when I watched Neil Armstrong step out on the moon.


This will not be complete without posting my favorite videos of the year all available on our South Brooklyn YouTube Channel or within this year’s stories on….