Month: August 2022

Inside the Haleakalā crater, solidified lava flow known as ‘a’a is silhouetted against the Milky Way. The bright white “star” is the planet Jupiter. In this view, we are looking towards the center of our galaxy. ©Stan Honda


INFINITE NIGHT, Photography by STAN HONDA debuts at the Schaefer International Gallery on Maui featuring 25 of Honda’s dynamic night-sky photographs from seven national parks. “I call them night sky landscapes,” said Honda. “At night you actually can see where the earth is in the solar system and our universe and where it’s going on this big voyage. I think people like the pictures because there is a much more human perspective.”

Salt and Green water mark the edges of the shoreline along the Dead Sea near Ein Gedi, Israel, in 2022. ©Mark D Phillips

The Dead Sea in Despair

Andrea Peyser and I had frolicked in the buoyant water at Ein Gedi on the sea’s northern basin in 1992. Now in 2022, the resort is abandoned, a decaying ghost town in the middle of sinkholes — a nightmare scene out of a science fiction novel, fenced off and marked with DANGER signs. When the Ein Gedi Spa resort closed in March 2020, the water had receded 2½ miles away (4 kilometers).