Gallery Players presents a live broadcast production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, an old-fashioned revenge play that turns out to be his most modern-seeming play
The Gallery Players bring William Shakespeare’s Hamlet to life on the Internet, their first performance of the Pandemic.

The Gallery Players present a live broadcast production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, bringing their stage to the Internet for 8 nights in July 2020.

Hamlet is an old-fashioned revenge play that turns out to be Shakespeare’s most modern-seeming play.

First performed in 1602, Hamlet is Shakespeare’s most performed; his most translated; his most discussed; his longest, and arguably his greatest play, containing some of the most famous lines in all of literature.

In the quiet comfort of their pandemic quarantine, six actresses, strewn across the country, will transform their homes into the riveting world of Hamlet. This 90-minute live broadcast explores the domestic drama of a young prince whose censored grief explodes into a quest for justice and revenge. Irreverent, poignant, and hip, Hamlet revolts against the establishment who will stop at nothing to cover up a foul and most unnatural murder. These six remarkable actresses will leave you spellbound as they unravel this timeless mystery.

While Shakespeare couldn’t have imagined a live broadcast of his play, this whimsical retelling of his unparalleled masterpiece captures the spirit of live performance and the bard’s excellence. Join The Gallery Players for a night of intrigue, suspense, and good beats all in the comfort of someone else’s home.


Thur, July 16 – Sun, July 19 at 7:30pm
Tue, July 21 – Fri, July 24 at 7:30pm

Tickets are free and donations are encouraged.

To register for the shows, visit: