THE REAL PICTURE #6: Photographing Manhattan During the Global Pandemic with Gary Hershorn
THE REAL PICTURE #6: Photographing Manhattan During the Global Pandemic with Gary Hershorn / Watch below

When two of your favorite photography people get together, you can expect some remarkable discussion and phenomenal images.

The Real Picture with Greg Gibson features Gary Hershorn, one of my favorite photographers of our generation. I am proud to know him and have worked with him at numerous events. In the summer of 2011 as the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center approached, he began a photography project documenting New York City and its ever-changing skyline.

Since that time photographing the city has become an obsession. His Instagram feed is a must follow with some of the most dramatic images of the Manhattan skyline ever created. From bold sunsets, to blood moons to colorful rainbows and the crackle of lightning, Hershorn has captured the New York landscape in every way imaginable.

Gary talks about how his project started and gives incredible details of how some of his favorite images were made. His commentary on how the city has changed since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis is insightful and his musings on how it’s changed the way he makes and approaches images is timely.

For the young photographer starting out or actually for any of us struggling with marketing, the technical details of how he plans his shoots using apps to find ideal sun and moon positions, building an Instagram following, how he has monetized the work is invaluable.

His post-production techniques will surprise you. Trust me, it’s not what you think. Gary is vocal and opinionated and what he has to say will shock and surprise many of you. He is a photojournalist and shoots all his photographs that way.

Gary is employed full-time as a photo editor at Fox News and while many think he works on this project full-time, it’s actually something he does for fun on his own time. He published a book of his images last year, “New York Celestial”.

Gary Hershorn is a Canadian photographer and picture editor based in New York City. Hershorn’s 40 year career began in 1979 at United Press International, in Toronto. He began working at Reuters in 1985, as Chief Photographer, Canada before moving to Washington, DC. in 1990. Gary performed many roles for Reuters that included, Senior Photographer, Picture Editor-Americas, and Global Sports Pictures Editor.

He led major event coverage of the 9/11 attacks on the WTC, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti Earthquake along with numerous sporting championships and entertainment events. Hershorn has covered as a photographer or editor: 17 Olympic Games, 24 Masters Golf tournaments, 24 Academy Awards, along with various Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cups, World Cups of Soccer, US Opens in tennis and golf, Wimbledon, Grammy Awards, and Emmy Awards.


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00:15:30 – Intro and Coming Shows
00:21:15 – Gary Joins
00:28:32 – How the Manhattan Skyline Project Started
00:30:26 – Gary Begins Discussing Some of His Favorite Images
01:09:32 – Discussion of Images Made Since COVID-19 Crisis Began
01:40:15 – How COVID-19 Has Affected the Types of Images He Makes
01:47:58 – Post Production Techniques (Really, if you watch nothing else watch this).
01:55:00 – Strategies to Find Locations and the Apps/Tools he Uses
02:07:45 – Gary Discusses His Time Investment on Each Shoot
02:10:10 – How to Grow and Manage a Social Media Following
02:37:30 – How Gary Monetizes His Work Through Stock Image Sales

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