Goodbye to the Pop Up Pool

Is it really goodbye to the Pop Up Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park?

Goodbye to the Pop Up Pool

Brooklyn Heights
Cobble Hill

Is it really goodbye to the Pop Up Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park? Are the powers that be at the park so unfazed by the love given to this tiny little section of the park?

So now you will have to pay for a hotel room in the gross monstrosity that will have a pool ON THE ROOF for those who can afford to pay for it? Brooklyn Bridge Park needs to wake up and realize that they are SUPPOSED to be for everyone and not just a chosen few.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron and Borough President Eric Adams led a press conference along with community members to keep the Pop-Up Pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park open until plans are in place for a replacement pool. But Park officials are adamant in their desire to rid the park of the pool and sand beach. Could it be an eyesore for the new tenants living next door, especially members of the park board who immediately gobbled up the housing in the park?

This is not the first time that Brooklyn Bridge Park has disappointed on the pool side.

Who could ever forget the Floating Pool Lady when Brooklyn Bridge Park was a parking lot that you walked through to board a magnificent floating pool on a barge sitting in the East River. It was remarkable. And after two quick seasons, the powers that be decided it was better off not being in Brooklyn. It has found a home in the Bronx.

So now the Pop Up Pool will enter into Brooklyn Bridge Park lore. They have not made themselves a park of the people. It seems more and more that they are just oblivious to the needs and wants of the communities they are supposed to be serving. I am getting more and more disgruntled with a project that I thought would be magnificent.

Unfortunately, with new horrifying buildings and less and less community involvement, Brooklyn Bridge Park does not seem to want or care about Brooklyn residents.

Pop Up Pool from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. 31/2 acres of "parkland" to come. ©Mark D Phillips

Book a room in the new hotel so you can swim in the rooftop pool? ©Mark D Phillips


The Floating Pool Lady ©Mark D Phillips

Swimming in the Floating Pool Lady ©Mark D Phillips