New York Magazine Fashion, A Strange Night at Photoville

The 43-Day Fashion Shoot at Photoville

New York Magazine Fashion, A Strange Night at Photoville

Have you ever been at an event and suddenly have that feeling that you are trapped in a movie you have seen? Last night's "The 43-Day Fashion Shoot" presentation in the Beer Garden at Photoville felt totally like a scene out of "The Devil Wears Prada."

From the moment New York Magazine Director of Photography Jody Quon took the stage, the dialogue seemed to flow directly from the movie.

"Fashion photography can be very exclusionary," said Quon. "It can feel very clubby and only for those that are really interested in that .0001% of the clothes, and one of the things we try to do at the magazine, through photography, is to make these portfolios interesting to everyone."

One of the ways they attempted to do this involved hiring "conflict photographers" to document the runway shows during New York Fashion Week. The pictures were gritty and definitely gave a unique perspective to the madness involved in the high pressure week. Quon said more than one of the photographers said that photographing conflict was easier than photographing the New York fashion scene.

The talk also presented the work of Holly Andres who spent 43 days travelling around America photographing women in a 15-shoot, 8,186 mile journey, that included stops in Portland, OR, and Las Vegas, NV. Her photographs of diverse (non-model) American Women almost st the evening back into reality.

Photoville continues through September 24, 2017, in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza. Check out our picks for the best of Photoville.