"If You Want to Be a Bird": A Tribute to Antonia Stampfel

Jalopy presents "If You Want to Be a Bird": A Tribute to Antonia Stampfel

"If You Want to Be a Bird": A Tribute to Antonia Stampfel

Jalopy Theatre | Red Hook

Jalopy presents "If You Want to Be a Bird": A Tribute to Antonia Stampfel - with Peter Stampfel, Jeffrey Lewis, Marc Johnson, John McFadden Eli Smith and more - on Sunday, November 5th, 2017, at 8:00PM in Red Hook.

This evening celebrates the life and music of Holy Modal Rounders songwriter Antonia Stampfel, best known for her song, "If You Want to Be a Bird," featured in the film Easy Rider. Antonia Stampfel was an exceptional artist and songwriter who composed numerous songs for her band the Holy Modal Rounders over the course of her life. Antonia invented the Holy Modal Rounders by bringing Stampfel and Weber together, although she set it up so they would think it was their idea.

The show will feature a wide cast of musician friends and fans performing her songs. All proceeds will benefit a bird rescue organization.


"If You Want to Be a Bird": A Tribute to Antonia Stampfel



The Jalopy Theatre and School of Music is a community arts center focused on traditional roots music from around the world. We showcase folk, bluegrass, country, blues and traditional world music. In addition to nightly concerts, Jalopy is both a music school and a vintage instrument store. Jalopy has an internet radio station, Jalopy Radio and its own record label as well, Jalopy Records.

Husband and wife team, Geoff and Lynette Wiley, founded Jalopy in 2006 with the hope of fostering a community around a shared appreciation of this traditional roots music, to support local and traveling artists, and to educate those new to this music and culture. Geoff and Lynette also run the restaurant next door to the Theatre, the Jalopy Tavern.

Folk artists teach our classes, work in the Theatre and in our Tavern, run sound, repair instruments. Jalopy seeks to support artist by providing a stage for performance, but also employment. We take high school and college interns from across New York City who are interested in traditional arts and the music business, offering them opportunities to learn.

In addition to traditional American music, Jalopy showcases folk music from around the world, from Mexican Son Jarocho music, to Gypsy Jazz and African cora music. If it’s music that is passed down from generation to generation, meant to be played around the fire, then it is right for Jalopy. The stage has welcomed scores of notable performers, including Alice Gerrard, Robert Crumb, Spider John Kerner, Wayne Henderson, Happy Traum, Wayne Hancock and Sam Shepard. Some of the greats from the last folk revival, like John Cohen and Baby Gramps, play alongside up-and-coming artists in New York City’s flourishing young folk scene.


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