Francesca Van Horne: Tales From The Trundle

Francesca Van Horne's Tales From The Trundle

Francesca Van Horne: Tales From The Trundle

Jalopy Theater | Red Hook

Jalopy welcomes back Francesca Van Horne's Tales From The Trundle on Friday, March 16, 2018, for one-night show in Red Hook.

After a successful world premiere run of TALES FROM THE TRUNDLE at the prestigious 7th Annual United Solo Festival, this original one-woman drama played in Jalopy’s for a local neighborhood premiere before embarking on a European tour to Paris and London.

Telling of a mother’s survival from abuse & addiction, battling the New York court system and divorce, this story is a journey into healing. Through laughter, tears, friendship, romance and sex, via Paris and Los Angeles, we are led to the ultimate destination of transformation and self-love.

Francesca Van Horne's Tales From The Trundle -




Ms. Van Horne employs several characters to tell her story, and she plays them all herself, shifting adroitly from one to the other...but in many ways the most important character she plays is herself. At the end of the show, her alter-ego Valentina has made it through her marital ordeal, and come out on the other side a stronger, wiser person. - FRONT ROW CENTER

“Artfully executed and almost uncomfortable in it’s emotional nakedness” - Red Hook Star

Francesca Van Horne offers a show that’s full of life, truth and beauty. She plays 10 characters, men and women with such intensity and quick changes of emotion. We hope to have her return to the Paris stage because she is sure to seduce the French audience. - LA PARISIENNE LIFE

She can be seen in the feature ‘El Gallo’ now streaming on Amazon, iTunes, and Directtv, which she also produced. Francesca has written and is developing a TV series called 'Ungrateful' based on Tales From The Trundle.



Jalopy Theatre and School of Music is a community arts space offering live music, vintage instrument sales and repair, and music instruction for the whole family. The Theatre focuses on roots music from around the globe, with blues, bluegrass, American, Irish, African, Mexican and South American folk music, old country, old time and more!

Geoff and Lynette Wiley opened The Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2006 in hopes of showcasing traditional roots music and its musicians, while teaching others to appreciate and play the music.


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