Thomas Francis Meagher: Dedication of beautiful bronze bust

Thomas Francis Meagher: Dedication of beautiful bronze bust

Green-Wood | 25th Street and Fifth Avenue | Park Slope

Green-Wood commemorates lives. But sometimes, extraordinary men and women depart this world without a proper memorial.
That’s exactly what happened with Thomas Francis Meagher (1823 - 1867), a magnificent hero and patriot of both Ireland and America.

After fighting for Irish independence, for which he was condemned to death, then pardoned and exiled, Meagher immigrated to America, where he became a leader of the Irish community and became a hero of the Union Army, commanding the Irish Brigade during the Civil War.

After the war, President Andrew Johnson appointed Meagher acting governor of the Montana Territory. His astounding story has been documented in over a dozen books and scholarly works. In 1867, in unexplained circumstances – regarded by many as suspicious – Meagher drowned in the Missouri River after falling from a steamboat. His body was never found.

His widow, Elizabeth Townsend Meagher, lamented, to her dying day, that her husband had no final resting place. She is, herself, interred in Green-Wood. His astounding story has been documented in over a dozen books and scholarly works, including Timothy Egan’s recent The Immortal Irishman: The Irish Revolutionary Who Became an American Hero. In 1867, Meagher drowned in the Missouri River. His body was never found.
On Saturday, July 1st of this year – 150 years after his untimely death – in a ceremony next to his wife’s grave, a beautiful bronze bust of General Meagher will be unveiled. The bust is by the award-winning Michael Keropian, a fellow of the National Sculpture Society.

The goal is to raise an additional $6,990 to fulfill the wish of his widow. The County Waterford Association of New York has made a significant contribution toward the fees of the sculpture and will host a reception in Green-Wood's historic chapel after the ceremony. No donation is too small. Donors of $100 and over will be invited to attend the private reception following this historic dedication on July 1st. Donors of $1,000 or more, who give by May 15th, 2017 (the deadline for the inscription of the commemorative bronze plaque) will have their names forever marked as proud sponsors of this memorial to this great Irish and American patriot.

As Meagher famously stated, “It is not only our duty to America, but also to Ireland. We could not hope to succeed in our effort to make Ireland a Republic without the moral and material support of the liberty-loving citizens of these United States.” In this spirit of cooperation, Green-Wood asks for your support to honor the great “Meagher of the Sword.” Please use the online donation site or call (718)210-3073 to offer a tax-deductible contribution toward this important dedication.

Thomas Francis Meagher (1823 - 1867) clay model of the bronze bust to be created by Michael Keropian

Michael Keropian

Michael Keropian began his professional career and training as a sculptor at the oldest art school in the country, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1978.

To further his training in sculpture he moved to New York's Hudson Valley in 1986 and worked for ten years at the Tallix Sculpture Foundry in Beacon, New York.

He worked on hundreds of sculptures during this period and learned the many technical skills that go into casting a sculpture into metal.
During this period he started Keropian Sculpture LLC and worked after hours to develop his business. Keropian Sculpture LLC provides sculptural services and consulting to a variety of clientele.

After leaving the Tallix Foundry in 1996, he continued building Keropian Sculpture LLC and started teaching at a number of schools in the New York Metro area, such as the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NY City and Artlife Studio in Portchester, NY.
Keropian Sculpture has also completed sculpture restorations for a number of private estates, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, National Academy of Design and Fairfield University's Bellarmine Museum.

In 2000, Michael received a commission to create nine heroic-size tigers for the new baseball stadium of the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park.

Since the turn of the century Michael has been commissioned to create a variety of sculptural projects, some of these are listed below.
Memorial bronze plaques for the Mayor of Brewster, NY John Cesar, Daniel Nimham and Edith G. Read. Medallions for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Archbishop Brunett. Historic portraits of John Cesar, Edgard Varese, Vic Morrow and Louis Armstrong. Full figures of Frank Zappa, Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders, Trotter Coleone Kosmos and his driver John Campbell and Dr. Albert Simone President of Rochester Institute of Technology.

He has won numerous awards throughout the years and recently won the coveted Hudson Valley Art Association's Gold Medal. His works can be found in private collections around the world. Michael is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, and is the Sculpture Chairperson for the Hudson Valley Art Association. He has also worked as a Kayak Guide and Coach for over 18 years for Atlantic Kayak Tours.