Brooklyn Designs showcases creatives

Brooklyn Designs

Brooklyn Designs showcases creatives

Brooklyn Museum | Park Slope

BROOKLYN DESIGNS showcases a cross section of design, architecture and art, shining a spotlight on the creative economy in Brooklyn. Founded by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce in 2003, it was one of the first design fairs and serves as an incubator for emerging designers as well as a platform for established brands producing a range of creative products across furniture, lighting, tableware, art, textiles and jewelry.

Demonstrating the collaborative spirit of design, the show features inspiring collective exhibits, pop-up lounges, installations, hands-on demos and a diverse conference program in addition to an exciting array of products, including many that have received Brooklyn-Made certification by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. The show will also feature cafes and bars from Brooklyn’s beloved vendors as well as family-friendly programming throughout the weekend.

The depth of small manufacturers is impressive. Brooklyn comes forth as a location where design and manufacturing combines technology and art to create products both unknown in the past and 3-D printing to bring concepts into the real world. 

With thousands of visitors over the course of the three-day show, BROOKLYN DESIGNS is one of the most vibrant shows in New York City and of the anchor fairs of the citywide NYCxDESIGN initiative. BROOKLYN DESIGNS is held at the Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, from Friday, May 11, to Sunday, May 13, 2018. Friday opens with a VIP event from 3pm to 5pm, and is open to the public on Saturday, May 12, and Sunday, May 13, from 11am to 6pm.

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Take a look at some of the BROOKLYN DESIGNS designers:


Ament |


AMENT's bags and pouches take inspiration from the saturated and primary hues of the 60’s as well current day Japanese influences. The intent of each product is to focus on simple, durable construction and a sense of minimal style through bold color blocking and modern shape.


Brooklyn Solar Works |


Founded in 2015 by T.R. Ludwig, Gaelen McKee and Mark Cunningham, Brooklyn SolarWorks (BSW) provides innovative solar options for a variety of urban residential property types. Through innovative approaches to design, customer engagement and regulatory compliance, BSW is built to overcome critical barriers that have limited solar adoption in Brooklyn. Central to BSW’s ability to serve urban clients is the Brooklyn SolarWorks Canopy, an award-winning, patent-pending and UL certified product that elevates solar arrays over common physical and code obstructions, increasing viability and capacity potential on highly constrained roofs.


Francis Assadi Designs

Francis’ background lies in film, photography and design. He has lived and worked for over a decade in countries such as Afghanistan, Burundi, Rwanda, Lebanon and South Africa. A few years ago, while living in Lebanon he began to design his own furniture and worked with local craftsmen to have the pieces realized. In New York since 2016, Francis has designed a new collection which fuses his love for the modern with the aesthetic sensibilities of the various cultures he has been exposed to. He works closely with top tier Brooklyn based builders for prototyping and construction.


Leon’s Electric Trout Co. |


Mostly strange Apple accessories (3D printed by Voodoo Manufacturing in Brooklyn) and Indonesian inspired lamps. During the Second World War, Leon operated a modest black market sundries shop hidden behind a false wall of a small house within an Austrian village. He sold little bits of pleasure and hard to-come-by supplies: chocolate, cigarettes, gasoline, and (surprisingly popular with American soldiers) smoked trout. Crafty Leon devised a method to shift the odds. On Sundays, just before dawn, sporting homemade rubber pants, Leon would wade a few feet into the river. He carefully held a very long wooden pole attached to a live electrical wire commandeered from a power line suspended along the river. One quick dip and dozens of “sleeping” (as he described them) trout would surface and float downstream into the nets he had positioned a few minutes prior. A few years later, he and his family won a lottery for passage across the Atlantic to the Land of Opportunity. His son went on to sell Polaroids on the beach as a 9-year-old. And his son, me, is now here, somehow drawn to become a shopkeep of sorts in the digital age.



Shape Studio LLC |


Shape Studio is a art, design and fabrication company based in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Owner J McDonald is a designer, sculptor and welder dedicated to craft and challenge.  From product to custom furnishings and architectural work we take projects from idea to full realization; with all production happening here in our Brooklyn workshop.  We find the detail in the gesture, and the gesture in the detail.



Think Fabricate |


Think Fabricate thoughtfully designs and artfully fabricates furniture, products, and custom installations. Our signature media furniture, award-winning bath cabinetry, and Brooklyn Classic designs are emblematic of our modern, functional design philosophy, skilled craftsmanship, and appreciation of materials. Founded in 2009 as the design studio of Doban Architecture, our on-going collaboration brings an architectural sensibility and spirit of inquiry to our work.  Our three shared initiatives, THINK LIVING, THINK EDUCATE, and THINK MAIN STREETS, organize our commitment to more satisfying living, more effective learning, and stronger communities.


Turntable Lab |


Audio furniture company Line Phono was started by the founders of Turntable Lab, one of the most respected Record / Audio stores based in Brooklyn, NY. A chance encounter in Turntable Lab’s Dumbo office building led to a design relationship with Situ Studio. Together, they re-imagined the flat pack and self-assembled turntables stands of the 70s/80s. Line Phono’s first design, the Turntable Station, was an instant success, achieving Kickstarter funding within a month. Over the last two years, Line Phono has distributed 3000 stands across the world. Line Phono has recently launched a speaker stand to complement the Turntable Station.





PLAITLY is a Brooklyn-based jewelry brand founded in 2017 by architect and classical pianist Caroline Quinio.  PLAITLY jewelry strives to materialize the immaterial, revealing forms shaped by temporal, invisible forces. Recent work incorporates scripting, 3d-printing, and hand-finishing techniques.  As digital technology becomes increasingly integrated within our daily lives, the concept of “handmade” evolves with the times. PLAITLY jewelry bridges the gap between craft and technology, redefining “handmade” as a process that begins with freehand digital 3d-modelling and ends with hand polishing and finishing.



Beyond Brooklyn

Frank Manzi's Magical Mystery Tour at Wayne & Tonja Smith's Magical Backyard Forest in Morganton, NC. ©Mark D Phillips

There’s nothing like a magical night under the stars listening to music. When that experience includes one of my favorite artists appearing in one of my favorite places in the world, it’s at the top of my bucket list.

It all came to be with a simple Facebook post.

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon.

On July 20, 1969, humans walked on another world for the first time in history, achieving the goal that President John F. Kennedy had set in 1961, before Americans had even orbited the Earth.