Creekers Jamboree opens this Saturday!

Creekers Jamboree opens this Saturday!

Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse | Gowanus

Creekers Jamboree celebrates Roots and Americana music on the third Saturday of every month this Summer. Karen Polski and Jan Bell perform funtastic musical originals and favorites in the Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse, Free, to kick off the summer music series on Saturday, May 18, 2019, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

In the mid 1800s, a Creeker & a Pointer were terms used for rival gangs of the Roosters, a band of thugs that frequented South Brooklyn and Gowanus.  This season, the Gowanus Dredgers are reconnecting Gowanus regulars and visitors with our Canal by offering free canoe voyages starting 1pm and ending 5pm but stick around for some hootin' good times as the sun sets.

After your trip on the canal, take part in a special event for our boathouse art exhibition SEDIMENT/As Above, So Below with Making Mud Balls with Symbiotic Fungi.

On the banks of the Gowanus Canal, one of the nation’s most polluted waterways, you will sink your hands into mud collected from one of our nation’s cleanest rivers. Working quietly and repetitively, you will mold and polish the soil to form a smooth, palm-sized ball, a small work of art and nature.

Mycorrhizal fungi, which help release the mud’s nutrients, are mixed into the mud to create a potentiated substrate capable of nourishing plant life. As you work, you may contemplate the vitality of mud, the sediment that cleanses, nourishes and absorbs the river and its life.

Our mud will be transported from the Wolf River of Mississippi, where the water continues to be clean despite continual threats by potential polluters.

The artist and activist Jan Mun will lead the workshop together with Tammy Pittman. Jan explores the generative principles of how complex systems such as botany and fungi, economies, and social networks function and the effects of interactions between different entities, whether cultures, plants, or people. Tammy, former co-artistic director of Proteus Gowanus, is an explorer of what’s at hand.

Please wear work clothes and prepare to get dirty!

About the artists

Karen Polski

Karen Poliski has traveled the world, playing idiosyncratic blues, folk, originals and obscure covers with an entertaining amusement. Karen is a solo performer on guitar or ukulele, and on May 18th, and you will hear songs of love, loss, fruit tramps of the great northwest, or new sentimental tunes that stay with you.

Jan Bell

Maybe growing up in Nottinghamshire is what sets Jan Bell apart from the run of local lady folkies. Or maybe its the slide guitars, harmonicas, mandolins and banjos.......gorgeous Chuck Eddy, Village Voice

Bell's music isn't strictly bluegrass, but her reworking of old-time country and jug-band blues is remarkably nuanced. It embodies the wide-open spirit of what has become an antic, hybrid genre. Edd Hurt Nashville Scene.

Enchantingly fusing Anglo-Americana sounds Jan Bell has a wonderful knack of breathing new life into time worn folk tales and rare used human stories  4 STARS - Maverick Magazine, UK

Jan Bell and her band The Maybelles have opened the show for Emmylou Harris, Odetta, Wanda Jackson, Steve Earle, & The Be Good Tanyas.



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There’s nothing like a magical night under the stars listening to music. When that experience includes one of my favorite artists appearing in one of my favorite places in the world, it’s at the top of my bucket list.

It all came to be with a simple Facebook post.

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On July 20, 1969, humans walked on another world for the first time in history, achieving the goal that President John F. Kennedy had set in 1961, before Americans had even orbited the Earth.