Mystic Geometry - Circling the Square

Trestle Gallery presents Mystic Geometry - Circling the Square, an interactive and site-specific exhibition on view May 8th to June 4th, 2017.

Mystic Geometry - Circling the Square

Trestle Gallery | 850 3rd Avenue | Gowanus

Trestle Gallery presents Mystic Geometry - Circling the Square, an interactive and site-specific exhibition that centers itself around an octagonal floor mandala and immersive sculpture situated at the center of the square gallery. On view May 8th to June 4th, 2017, the exhibit features a 2 week open installation process culminating with an opening Reception on Friday May 19th, from 7-9pm.

The walls of the gallery are composed of seven large-scale paintings that feature geometric forms creating a panoramic sanctuary for the viewer. The geometric forms found in Lanfranco’s work represent the elements of life and mystical concepts. This exhibition provides a reprieve from everyday life and offers an inviting and encompassing aesthetic experience that explores the symbolic characteristics and allegorical narratives that Platonic solids and geometric forms that exist in naturally occurring forms and that have been referenced throughout art history, spirituality, and philosophy.

Vision Quest Study #3, 2016, 14 x 11", metal and glass beads, rhinestones and oil paint on canvas

In the spirit of Trestle Gallery’s 2017 exhibition theme “Artist as Curator,” Chief Curator, Katerina Lanfranco reverses her roll from curator to artist. Lanfranco reveals her studio practice through an open dialogue during the fabrication and installation of her site-specific work with guest curator Katherine Murdock.


Trestle Gallery was founded in 2012 by artist and educator Rhia Hurt and a team of artists including Mary Negro and Ajit Kumar. Working in Gowanus, they became involved with the local artist community and soon discovered that many of their peers were lacking a supportive environment to develop their work and make connections with others in the art world. Wanting to meet this need, they started Trestle Gallery and began developing exhibition and educational programs with the goal of supporting local artists, curators, and educators and reach a greater community. The name “Trestle” came from a type of structure built to pass over obstacles. Like its namesake, the gallery was designed to be a support for artists, providing opportunities for them to show their work, network, and learn from each other.

Trestle Gallery and its satellite location, Trestle Projects, host 15-20 exhibitions each year. Since being established as a non-profit art gallery in 2012, Trestle has showcased the work of over 2000 local and international contemporary artists from over 35 countries. Trestle welcomes over 6,500 visitors annually.

Trestle Gallery is located at 850 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, (11232) and is open monday, wednesday, friday 1:30 - 6:30pm & by appointment.