Leo Kuelbs Collection opens its doors

Leo Kuelbs Collection 2018 Open House

Leo Kuelbs Collection opens its doors

Leo Kuelbs Collection | DUMBO

The Leo Kuelbs Collection is hosting its first ever open house to celebrate the coming of Spring with a look at some of LKC’s favorite works and artists in DUMBO on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

Open House with Tacos:
Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 2-10 p.m.
Champagne Toast: 6 p.m.

RSVP REQUIRED: lkuelbscollection@gmail.com

Featured Artists: Frank Gaard, Maria Naidyonova, Drew Simpson, Nikolay Koshelev

With: Marc Chagall, Juan Miro, Miss Van, Steve West






Videos by: Juliane Ebner, Rani Messias and Anna Leevia, Nicole Antebi and Xiren Wang, Nina Sobell and Laura Ortman, Harald Vogel and Mai T. with Alex Hamadey, Thomas D. Rotenberg


See an example of JULIANE EBNER's work


As an extra bonus, check out LIGHT YEAR 35: DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: Chinese Stories on Thursday, March 1st!  Opening party at MINY by IFP (30 John St. in DUMBO) 6-8 pm with videos on the Manhattan Bridge (Pearl St and Anchorage Pl. in DUMBO) 6-10 pm.



Beyond Brooklyn

On Saturday, May 18, Brooklynites will see the entire D-Day Squadron fly in formation from Oxford, CT and around the Statue of Liberty. ©Mark D Phillips

It’s been 75-years since the skies were filled with C-47s on their way to France to begin the D-Day invasion.

Nina O'Brien dominated the US Nationals bringing home four National Championships ©Mark D Phillips

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery across the country. There was a time when the world came to Waterville Valley for some of the best skiiers and skiing in the United States.