Richard III: 8TH ANNUAL SHAKESPEARE in Carrol Park

Richard III in Carroll Park, June 7th—25th

Richard III: 8TH ANNUAL SHAKESPEARE in Carrol Park

Carroll Park | Carroll Gardens

Smith Street Stage presents Richard III from June 7 to 25, 2017, for the 8TH ANNUAL SHAKESPEARE in Carrol Park, Wednesdays through Sundays at 7:30pm.

Richard III tells the story of a country in turmoil and a madman lusting for power. As the ruthless and charismatic Richard claws his way to the throne, a nation is forced to the breaking point in this chilling tale of a tyrant, his enablers, and those who attempt to resist.

Theatre-goers are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes prior to curtain time. The stage will be set at the east end of Brooklyn's beautiful Carroll Park, along Smith Street. Ground seating is open to the public, as well as a limited number of chairs. Admission is free. No tickets are required.

Richard III in Carroll Park from June 7 to 25, 2017
The stage will be set at the east end of Brooklyn's beautiful Carroll Park, along Smith Street, with performances Wednesday to Sunday at 7:30pm.

Smith Street Stage seeks to tell classic stories in new ways through affordable, exciting and consequential theater arts. The Company holds that universally recognizable and deeply human conflicts inhere in great literature, and by exploring such texts with rigor and creativity, one may apprehend these truths and reveal anew their relevance to our lives. Such stories presented skillfully and earnestly have the power to engage philosophical issues, excite spectators of all backgrounds and predispositions, and bring communities closer.

In its seventh year of producing theater, Smith Street Stage inaugurated its workshop series, Smith Street Early Stages. Envisioned as a complement to our annual Shakespeare in Carroll Park, the Early Stages Series allows the Company the opportunity to explore different texts by a more diverse range of authors. Smith Street Stage also uses the Series to pursue more varied and experimental theatrical forms with an expanding number of theater artists who can challenge and expand our mission to find new ways to tell classic stories.

In 2017, Smith Street Stage will return to familiar ground with our first workshop of a Shakespeare play, The Winter's Tale, directed by Erik Pearson. Artistic Director Beth Ann Hopkins will meld original roots music to An Enemy of the People to render an American version of the Ibsen classic. Additionally, the Company will curate an evening of thematically-linked collaborative theater pieces in Pressing the Flesh: Scenes of Power and Dread.

Beyond Brooklyn

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It was Federica's day. After moving from the 6th starting position to a 2nd place first run finish, Brignone tore up the course in the second run to finish .49 ahead of Ragnhild Mowinckel of Norway.