10th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival needs your help

The 10th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival April 6th - 8th, 2018 St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church

10th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival needs your help

St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church | Brooklyn Heights

Curated by folklorist and musician Eli Smith, produced in partnership with Jalopy Theatre, the 10th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival is the nation’s largest folk festival set in an urban area; right here in the heart of New York City. With the phenomenal St. Ann’s Church as the venue, the event is set to run April 6 to 8, 2018.

The festival exhibits the very best underground and nationally recognized talent in the field of Folk Music, including blues, old time string bands, songwriters, jug bands, gospel music, klezmer, salsa, Native American, Mexican, Balkan, African, Indonesian folk music and more. The 10th Annual Festival will feature 35+ bands over three days, playing American and world folk music, along with workshops, dances, film screenings, puppet shows, jam sessions and the world-famous Banjo Toss Contest.

This year, the Jalopy Theatre has reorganized as a non-profit organization. This transition offers us new opportunities to connect with our community, strengthen our organization, and continue to evolve, as we begin our second decade. As a non-profit, Jalopy hopes to form strong partnerships that will strengthen the Brooklyn Folk Festival.

In the 1960’s the greatest yearly gathering for folk music took place at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. Today we want to keep the yearly focus of the vibrant new folk music revival squarely here within the borders of Brooklyn. This will keep the festival accessible for New Yorkers and visitors from out of town, and help keep Brooklyn the heart of the contemporary revival of interest in folk music. 
The festival has been recognized by sold out crowds, the press, and folk music artists themselves as a “magical event” which stands out with clarity and vision against a backdrop of cultural noise.  Last year the New Yorker magazine called the Brooklyn Folk Festival’s offerings, “diverse, spontaneous, countercultural, and trenchant” and the festival itself “one of the most vital and spiritually sound folk-music events in the country. The Brooklyn Folk Festival feels like an unexpected haven for folk’s weirder, wilder, more diverse, and more provocative strains.”



The organizers are asking for help now to secure the future of the festival as it continues to grow in size and scope and in order to produce this special 10th anniversary event. Your donations are used to underwrite the considerable costs of the festival while maintaining the commitment to low ticket prices.


BFF - $1000
3 three-day passes to the 2018 festival, 10 tickets to any shows at Jalopy Theatre and four LPs from the Jalopy Catalog.

Folk Hero - $500
2 three-day passes to the festival, and four tickets to any shows at Jalopy Theatre

Benefactor - $250
2 three-day passes to the 2018 Festival

Friend - $100
1 three-day pass to the 2018 Festival

Supporter - $50
Brooklyn Folk Festival t-shirt



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