Porch Stomp 2018

Porch Stomp on Governors Island

Porch Stomp 2018

Governors Island

Set on the beautiful greenery of Governors Island, Porch Stomp invites over 70 bands, artists, and performing arts organizations to use the historic porches of Nolan Park as a platform for performance and education on Sunday, June 24, 2018, highlighting artistry ranging from traditional folk to old-time, blues, roots, bluegrass and Americana.

Anyone can take part in Porch Stomp, and all events are free and open to the public. Now in its fifth year, Porch Stomp offers more unique performance and educational opportunities than ever before with increased performance locations, workshops and open jams.

Porch Stomp 2018 features 70 plus performers spanning from the Ferry landings to Nolan Park, square dances on the hour, a banjo parade, flatfooting lessons, open bluegrass and old-time jams, and a stage dedicated to kid-friendly performances — bring the whole family to join in the fun!


Cowgirl Seahorse Stage

Hecate, 11:40am
Curtis and Carla, 12:05pm
Cole Quest and the City Pickers, 1230pm
Paper Anniversary, 12:55pm
The Locksmiths, 1:20pm
Hilary Hawke and The Wild Goats, 1:45pm
The String Thirys, 2:15pm
Blue Plate Special, 2:40pm
Bears of Alaska, 3:05pm
Mark Meyer and Ron Moreno, 3:30pm
Bluegrass Collusion, 3:55pm
The Merchantillers, 4:20pm

Hoover Dam Collective Stage

The Mead Mountain Resonators, 11:40am
David Redbranch, 12:10pm
Nate Taylor, 12:40pm
Ange and Jeff, 1:10pm
The Eephus Band, 1:40pm
Alex MacKinnon, 2:10pm
Cancion Franklin, 2:40pm
Amanda Frey, 3:05pm
James Hearne, 3:30pm
Andrew Vladeck, 3:55pm

Nick Horner Family Stage

Hameer Zawawi, 12pm
Bert Lee, 12:20 pm
Aaron Randolph, 12:40pm
Dishonest Fiddlers, 1:00pm
Heatherly, 1:20pm
Bartees Cox, 1:40pm
Christine Sweeney, 2:00pm
Cait and the Critters, 2:20pm
Caroline Cotter, 2:40pm
Cory J Shelly, 3:00pm
He Bird, She Bird, 3:20pm
Keepin' the Family, 3:40pm
Megg Farrell, 4:00pm
Out of System Transfer, 4:20pm

Workshop Stage:

​Robert Brashear, 12pm
Flatfooting Workshop with Megan Downes, 1245pm
Harmonica Workshop with Matheus Verardino, 130pm
Workshop with NERFA's Mike Kornfield, 2:15pm
Slow Jam with Hilary Hawke, 3pm

Sad Song Happy Hour Stage:

Joanna Sternberg, 12pm
Aaron, Jon and Pablo, 1230pm
Sean Kiely, 1pm
Joel and Emma Turoff, 130pm
Bluegrass Jam with Larry Legend and friends! 2-5pm

Sunny's Stage:

Monica Quaintance, 11:30am
Edith, 12:00pm
Michael, 12:30pm
Cynthia and Kevin, 1:00pm
Sam and Tom, 1:30pm
Nicole and Max, 2:00pm
Stan, 2:30pm
Jam, 3:00pm
Amelia, Jon and Stephen, 3:30pm
Tone and Trip, 4pm

Old Time/ City Stompers Stage:

Old Time Jam, 12-4pm
Featuring: David Roger Grossmann, Alex Kramer, Jaden Gladstone, Mark Piro

Regular Square Dances with Megan Downes and The City Stompers, Daniela Muhling

Big City Folk Stage:

Niall and E.W. Harris, 12pm
Chris Q Murphy, 12:20pm
May Cheung, 12:40pm
Graham Webber, 1:00pm
Jo Kroger, 1:35pm
Warren Malone, 1:55pm
Jaimee Harris, 2:15pm
Chris Michael, 2:40pm
Laura Ewen, 3:00pm
Ric + Carol Harris, 3:20pm
Butch Phelps, 3:40pm
Ryan Morgan, 4:00pm

People's Music Network Stage:

Jeremy Aaron, 12pm
Joel Landy, 12:30pm
Banjo Nickaru and Western Scooches, 1pm
Joshua Garcia, 1:30pm
Hudson Valley Sally, 2pm
Jake Gillie, 2:30pm
Pinkie Promise, 3pm
Eric Lee, 3:30pm
A'yen Tran and Alex Kramer, 4pm

Songbird Series Stage (Dian Killian)

VioLizzy, 1-125pm
Lindsey Wilson, 1:25-1:50pm
DK and the Joy Machine, 1:55-2:25
Kelli Bruno, 2:25-2:50
Peepa Jean, 2:50-3:25pm
Debe Dalton, 3:25-3:50
Feather, 3:50-4:10
4 Brown Eyes, 4:10--4:30

Artery Presents: Songwriter Stage:

David Segovia, 11:40am
Jon Freeman, 12:05pm
Mara Yaffee, 12:30pm
Danni Christian, 12:55pm
Nathan Xander 1:20pm
Laura Zarougian and Metok, 1:45pm
Petra Jasmiina Haapmaki, 2:10pm
Dan Rauchwerk, 2:35pm
Karen Hudson River Trio, 3pm
Judy Kass, 350pm
Alethea and the Lost Cousins, 4:15pm

Irish Stage:

Irish music jam and performances, with David Coltun

BrookLAdelphia  and Grind Ethos Stage:

Dani Mari, 12pm
Bucky Hayes, 12:30pm
Nate Gerry, 1pm
Carl Banks, 1:30pm
Lauren Scott, 2pm
RoseAnn Fino, 2:30pm
The Morning Sea, 3pm
Naeemah, 3:30pm
Meghann Wright, 4pm

Kids Stage:

Glaser Drive, 12:20pm
Hopalong Andrew, 1pm
Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Bluegrass Jam, 2pm
Cowboys and Indians Band, 330pm
Lucy & Darius Kalantari, 4:05pm

Silo Studios Stage:

Kelly Quigley 12:30-1
Greta Keating 1:10-1:40
Anneliese McCarthy 1:50-2:20
Pandafan 2:30-3:15
Emily Frembgen 3:20 - 3:50
Miwa Gemini 4 - 4:30
Finn & His Rustkickers 4:40 - 5

Manhattan Ferry Landing:

Banjo Parade!! 12pm
Jason Reischel, 1230pm
The Habit, 1pm
Howard Weinberg, 130pm
Elana Low, 2pm
Ben Grace, 230pm
Nico Padden, 3pm
Z-Man Sound, 330pm