About South Brooklyn Network

About South Brooklyn Network

Gowanus Bay and the Red Hook Grain Terminal ©Mark D Phillips

Founded in 1996, The South Brooklyn Network is a community-based website developed by South Brooklyn Internet, Inc.

The two principals of South Brooklyn Internet, Mark D Phillips and Chris Tsanos, are both long-time residents of the area affectionately known as South Brooklyn.

Mark D Phillips began photographing the ever changing landscape of South Brooklyn upon his arrival in 1989. Phillips edits and writes much of the content for the website.

During his career, Phillips, a former photojournalist, was a staff photographer at three newspapers -- The Morganton (NC) News Herald, The Augusta (GA) Chronicle, and the Tampa (FL) Tribune. He joined the staff of the Associated Press in New York City, first as a freelance photographer and then as a staff photographer after moving to the big city. Agence France Presse came calling where he specialized in professional sports and, in 1992, his photograph "Safe," taken at a New York Yankees/Toronto Blue Jays game, won First Place Sports Action in both the NPPA Pictures of the Year and the Baseball Hall of Fame Contest.

Starting his first digital company in 1994, Phillips photographed, reported, and transmitted images at the start of the computer revolution. He covered Nelson Mandela's election to the presidency of South Africa that year, using digital technology to send images via Compuserve back to newspapers in the United States. It was unheard of. His biggest challenge came in 1995 when he traveled to China for the greatest highwire walk ever performed, as Jay Cochrane skywalked above the Yangtze River in Qutang Gorge, one of the magnificent Three Gorges. His digital transmission from Fengjie was one of the first photo transmissions made via email from the interior of China, and a technological nightmare. His picture of Cochrane completing the World-record highwire walk ran across many major publications the morning after the event, including the Boston Globe and the New York Times.

He is best known for his image, "Satan in the Smoke," an eerie image taken seconds after the second plane struck the south tower of the World Trade Center during the attacks of 9/11/2001.

His images of the South Brooklyn area have been published and shown in galleries throughout the area. His collection from Brooklyn's superfund waterway, The Gowanus Canal, led to the start of The South Brooklyn Network.

Phillips is married to long-time New York Post Columnist Andrea Peyser and his daughter Eliza loves the YouTube/Playlist Live culture.

Chris Tsanos, a graphic designer and painter, moved to Red Hook in 1995, where he and his wife, Audra, raised two beautiful sons. Tsanos is a talented programmer and his creative work is the driving force behind both The South Brooklyn Network, and the websites built and manged by South Brooklyn Internet.

Chris knows the neighborhood and its people. His insight into the rapid growth and challengesc faced by local businesses is a wealth of information for our site. After living through the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in his beloved Red Hook, Chris worked tirelessly to help his neighbors recover from the nightmare caused by the super storm. In particular, his work to help bring Sunny's Bar back from the brink, was a tribute to his love of the neighborhood.

With the expansion of the waterfront, and the wealth of events occurring, SouthBrooklyn.com hopes to be your destination to find out what is both happening within our neighborhoods, and help teach about its rich history.


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